~ League Rules ( Code of Conducts) ~

Welcome to Top Deck Canasta
Thank you for joining our league!

We hope that you enjoy your time with us! We are a fun-loving family-oriented league!
The following are Top Deck Canasta league rules. If you ever have any questions about any of these rules, please contact an Admin.
The rules apply to staff and members and have been put together so that everyone can have an enjoyable experience playing canasta.

1. League Names - If your League name is deemed abusive towards another member, your account may be removed.
You can edit your League name by using the 'My Account' tab and choosing the 'Edit Username'

2. All Staff And Member MUST HAVE THERE MESSAGER ON WHILE IN ROOM. This is incase we need to get ahold of you for a table.

3. NO PROFANITY, FIGHTING, OR ACCUSATIONS are permitted under any circumstances.
If you have an issue, please take it to a pm (private message)
or you can always contact an HTD or Admin to help fix the issues.

4. Leaving a game or DQing repeatedly when losing is not allowed and if found to be doing
either you will be boxed 3 days (1st offense), 7 days (2nd offense), and 30 days (3rd offense).
After your 3rd offense you will be removed from the league.(this will be up the ADMIN TEAM)
If you are placed in the penalty box, only the Admin who put you in the box may take you out of the box or discuss the issue with you.
The rest of the Admins will only send you to the correct Admin.
They will not discuss the issue with you. Clicking the resign button by members is not allowed in Top Deck Canasta League and is a boxable offense!

5. CHEATING will NOT be tolerated. If you are found to be cheating, you will be dq'ed
from the game you are in and placed in the penalty box for 3 days while the incident is reviewed by the Admin Team.

6. Members of Top Deck Canasta League are only permitted 1 ID (Identification) per member.
Multiple member households are still only permitted 1 ID per member.

7. Slow play will NOT be tolerated in psycho Top Deck Canasta,
slow play consists of 45 seconds between your discard and your opponent’s draw.
Most full games should last no longer than 45 minutes, 60 minutes for a double.

8. BRB's (Be Right Back) should be no longer than 3 minutes max.
No more than 3 BRB's per player will be allowed in any game.
After 3 minutes a timer will be set and stopped upon the players return
to play and that time will be subtracted from the 10 minutes they are allowed away from the table.

9. Every new game will start on a fresh table.

10. Singles Game Rules ~ When pairs are up in lobby the first name in pairs gets to make the table.
Once the table is made, they must type in lobby chat what table they are at.
If They do not do this after 3 minutes the second name in pairs gets to make the table.
The first name in pairs will go on timer.

~ If a player is not in the lobby when a game begins or goes
MIA during the game the TD will set a timer and the player has 10 minutes to arrive.
If they do not arrive in 10 minutes, they forfeit the game and their opponent advances.
If the player is missing at the beginning of the game
the 10-minute timer will be set from the posted game start time in the lobby.
Timer Must be placed on the MIA at the time of the pairs.
(If player comes back with three (3) minutes left, and leaves again they have three minutes to come back before they forfeit,
if there is no minutes left when they come back and they leave again there is no timer needed they automatically forfeit the game.)

11. Doubles Game Rules ~If, at the beginning of the game, a player is MIA,
the TD will give that player 5 minutes to get back to the table before getting a sub.
If a player sits in for doubles at the beginning of the game for a MIA player after the 5 minute timer is up,
the player who is subbing for the MIA player will be allowed to finish that round unless they want to relinquish their seat to the original MIA player.

12. What to do if a Table is made Incorrectly?
If the table settings are incorrect, the game is cancelled and a new table with correct settings will be made.

13. What if I dq in first hand?
You must let the TD know and then you are to remake the table if there is no score on the table.
If you DQ again then there is no remaking the table. One redue only at start of game.

14. All Player's and Members Can only be in Three (3) Tournaments at the Same time. Slow playing is still in EFFECT!

15. No one, other than TD or Admin, can watch or kibitz at any table except at
TD's request you may watch finals of Battle Specials.

16. In order to become a TD you must play in 10 games before becoming a tournament director (TD).


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